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Information on Licensing

At KASAH, we believe that our technologies can encourage the development of third-party products regardless of how a business is involved in the growing world of information technology.

KASAH takes pride in facilitating increased data storage and networking efficiency without the need for infrastructure upgrades.  From increasing current storage capacities without adding hardware to increasing bandwidth on last-generation networks, KASAH technologies can drastically increase the effectiveness and stability of all network and storage based products and services.  The applications of our technologies are endless, and KASAH encourages and supports your vision to innovate the world through our products.

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Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from our technologies:

  • Increase data efficiency
  • Increase data network bandwith efficiency
  • Decrease data coruption rates in unstable network environments
  • Decrease the environmental footprint associated with data storage
  • Lengthen the EOL and EOS of products limited by stoarge and network efficiency

For more information about our licensing process and programs, contact us.

Whether your company is a network operator, device manufacturer, or a content provider, our licensable technologies offer a strong core around which your ideas can be developed or enhanced, ensuring your products’ effectiveness and scalability for years to come.